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My So-Called Book Tour

The Last Hurrah in Land of the Buckeyes

I admit I got a bit choked up when my big sister introduced me.
The final stop of the road trip portion of My So-Called Book Tour was my childhood home of Columbus, Ohio. My sister Bobbie Celeste and brother-in-law Ted hosted us for a very successful final day.

I was pleased to discover that Bonnie Kantor-Burman, director of the Ohio Department of Aging, was invited to join  Read More 
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Minnesota Double-Header

A panel discussion at The Common Table
The Twin Cities treated me well, thanks to the efforts of our dear friends Bruce Johansen and Michael Culliton. Even their cat Zoe, after acting greatly put upon and demonstrating the term “hissy fit,” succumbed to Ivy’s charms and grudgingly seemed to enjoy a little canine company, in spite of herself.

First up  Read More 
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The No Pressure Book Club

Before I could catch my breath back in Seattle, Charlene was scooting me out the door to a book club. A dozen cool members of the No Pressure Book Club gathered at the home of Karen Summers to talk about my book. They had tons of stories to share, often of their own parents’  Read More 
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When Your Community is an Island

Vashon Island was as lovely as we'd ever imagined.
Ross and I had always wanted to take the ferry from Seattle to Vashon Island and finally got our chance. Charlene asked culture change leader, author and professor Wendy Lustbader, who lives on Vashon, to lead an event for me there.

By a happy confluence of circumstances, my old friend Wendy Noble, whom I  Read More 
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Seattle Slew

Terry Tazioli, host of Well Read television show, interviewed me in Seattle.
In the Seattle area I had back-to-back-to-back events, thanks to my energetic compatriot Charlene Boyd. Charlene, a hero of my last book Old Age in a New Age, organized 3 book events for me. She and her husband Steve Smith even provided us with home hospitality—truly above and beyond. Ivy was delighted to meet  Read More 
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Portland Advocates Got Out the Crowd

The best part of every event is the discussion with attendees.
MOVE (Making Oregon Vital for Elders) sponsored an event that was attended by the wonderful people trying to make deep cultural transformation in aging and in long-term care. It was great to reconnect with many who had been strong supporters of my last book. Really good discussion and sharing. Special thanks to Marilyn Sanguinetti,  Read More 
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Bridge Meadows

Kids at Bridge Meadows. All the children are being adopted from the foster care system.
Bridge Meadows, the inspiring intentional community made up of foster children, their adoptive families, and loving elders, was a highlight of Portland. We had a great tour, led by director Derenda Schubert whom I was so delighted to meet, having interviewed her over the phone for the book. Derenda also spoke alongside me at  Read More 
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Portland Rocks

Heather and Rodney
After my less than stellar event in Redmond, it was great to arrive in Portland. We stayed with Heather and Rodney. Technically Heather is my second cousin, but I think of her as my bonus niece. Ivy and their dog Bella horsed around constantly and Ivy reverted to goofy puppydom. Heather was a big  Read More 
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Hot New Food Truck

Joey with a slab of local bacon he'll be slicing up for the breakfast crowd.
We made a quick detour to Carlton, Oregon, to see Joseph Zumpano, aka our son Danny’s pal Joey, who moved to the wine country and started a cool food truck called Henry’s Diner that has gotten all sorts of recognition among food lovers. We didn't arrive early enough for the breakfast he serves up,  Read More 
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From the You-Can't-Win-'em-All Dept.

At KPOV in Bend, Oregon. Dawn Newton was a great interviewer.
Seeing our old friend Ingrid Lustig in Bend, Oregon, was wonderful. Ingrid has embarked on a new chapter in her life, taking care of her mother, Ula, who just moved there from Maryland. Great to be with both of them and always comforting to share stories about the challenges of caregiving. Had a really  Read More 
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