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My So-Called Book Tour

Portland Advocates Got Out the Crowd

The best part of every event is the discussion with attendees.
MOVE (Making Oregon Vital for Elders) sponsored an event that was attended by the wonderful people trying to make deep cultural transformation in aging and in long-term care. It was great to reconnect with many who had been strong supporters of my last book. Really good discussion and sharing. Special thanks to Marilyn Sanguinetti, a MOVE leader, of the Hartford Center of Gerontological Nursing Excellence at Oregon Health Services University, who worked so hard on the event. Also was so pleased to be with one of my culture change heroes Joanne Rader.

The following day, AARP Oregon and Villages NW, one of the alternatives I write about, hosted a large event for me. After I warmed up the crowd with my stump speech, several local speakers from alternative communities shared what they were doing. It was a great turnout –maybe 70 people—many of whom had been unaware about these new options in how to live. Special shout out to Chana Andler of Villages NW and Bandana Shrestha of AARP Oregon for organizing this event.
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