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My So-Called Book Tour

Seattle Slew

Terry Tazioli, host of Well Read television show, interviewed me in Seattle.
In the Seattle area I had back-to-back-to-back events, thanks to my energetic compatriot Charlene Boyd. Charlene, a hero of my last book Old Age in a New Age, organized 3 book events for me. She and her husband Steve Smith even provided us with home hospitality—truly above and beyond. Ivy was delighted to meet their dog Rebel, who immediately became her fast friend.

On Sunday, the biggest crowd of the book tour to date—75—gathered at a downtown church to see local public television host Terry Tazioli interview me. Terry has a book show Well Read and he was an engaging and fun interviewer. He had just returned from Europe and shared a story of being in a small village and watching each morning as the town elders emerged and went to the local café. How can we have that kind of community and connection, he asked.

That was one of many challenging questions that emerged from him and from the audience. Has anyone created an intentional community based on environmental and social justice? Is the Village model financially sustainable? How do we change the culture of aging in our country? Yikes! I’m only a lowly writer. But I gave it my best shot. Special shout-out to Molly Swain of Providence Mount St. Vincent, who pulled all this together and organized book sales.
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