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My So-Called Book Tour

When Your Community is an Island

Vashon Island was as lovely as we'd ever imagined.
Ross and I had always wanted to take the ferry from Seattle to Vashon Island and finally got our chance. Charlene asked culture change leader, author and professor Wendy Lustbader, who lives on Vashon, to lead an event for me there.

By a happy confluence of circumstances, my old friend Wendy Noble, whom I met a million years ago when we worked together on the kidney transplant unit at Ohio State University Hospital, had moved to Vashon a week earlier. Wendy L. gave Wendy N. and us a lovely tour of the island and her husband Barry joined us for lunch at The Hardware Store, a cool repurposed restaurant.

Some 60 islanders and residents of the Vashon Community Care Center turned out for my talk. Wendy L. led a discussion about how Vashon Island could become more age-friendly. Among the challenges: transportation, connecting people whose homes are often secluded in the woods, and recruiting more volunteers to support elders (including of course elders themselves who want to contribute to others).

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