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My So-Called Book Tour

Minnesota Double-Header

A panel discussion at The Common Table
The Twin Cities treated me well, thanks to the efforts of our dear friends Bruce Johansen and Michael Culliton. Even their cat Zoe, after acting greatly put upon and demonstrating the term “hissy fit,” succumbed to Ivy’s charms and grudgingly seemed to enjoy a little canine company, in spite of herself.

First up was an event emceed by psychology professor Ben Denkinger of Augsberg College, who runs the Aging Lab. The gathering was at The Common Table, a funky former restaurant that is now a space for community collaboration, run by the college. Joining me on a panel were 3 leaders of aging organizations: Barbara Goldner, Jess Luce and Adam Suomala. Audience members asked great questions, including can these alternatives work in low-income neighborhoods and how can intergenerational bonds be strengthened. I read from my chapter on housing cooperatives, in a nod to Minnesota, the progenitor of so many co-ops in our nation.

That evening, Subtext Books in St. Paul (the space formerly occupied by Garrison Keillor’s bookstore) had a well-attended event for me. A highlight was seeing Missy McDonald, sister of Michele, and many of the Johansen clan including nonagerian and matriarch Carol, Bruce’s mother and my penpal with whom I engage in ongoing email battle over whether Minneapolis or D.C. is the better city. She rather smugly pointed out what beautiful weather they were having—a miracle—late September and it was sunny and warm and not snowing yet! (I claimed credit for having brought this meteorological gift.)

And now, on to Columbus, my childhood home, and what better place to conclude My So-Called Book Tour?
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