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My So-Called Book Tour

The Last Hurrah in Land of the Buckeyes

I admit I got a bit choked up when my big sister introduced me.
The final stop of the road trip portion of My So-Called Book Tour was my childhood home of Columbus, Ohio. My sister Bobbie Celeste and brother-in-law Ted hosted us for a very successful final day.

I was pleased to discover that Bonnie Kantor-Burman, director of the Ohio Department of Aging, was invited to join me on Ann Fisher’s All Sides program on WOSU public radio. Bonnie and I go way back, in part through her leadership of the Pioneer Network, which seeks to transform nursing homes.

In fact, Bonnie hosted the very first event for my new book, back in April, when she invited key members of her team to gather around a table to hear about my book and discuss its implications for public policy.

We had a lot of fun being on air together this time, volleying our complementary views back and forth.

That evening, Bobbie and Ted’s friends, neighbors and colleagues came to the Grandview Public Library for a book event. We had hoped for maybe 20 folks, but 50 showed up. Most then trooped over to the Celestes for wine reception and book sales. An unusually enthusiastic book-buying bunch! Thanks to all.

And now home. I will write my last reflections in another post.
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