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My So-Called Book Tour

Birds of a Feather

Two houses at Birds of a Feather
We next headed to Pecos, to tour Birds of a Feather, a community for gays and lesbians that I wrote about in the book. We were bowled over by the beauty of the property and the adobe homes and spent a fun afternoon with owner Bonnie McGowan. Unfortunately most of the Birds had flown the coop for travel, but we met one couple and toured Bonnie’s home, complete with sauna, hot tub, and meditation alcove. Felt peaceful just walking through the front door.

As for Ivy, she’s proved to be quite the adaptable pooch. She was perhaps most surprised at sleeping with us in our snug little tent along the Pecos River. What a concept! Night sounds of the rushing river, the wind kicking up, and owls calling in the pines.

And now, here in a cabin at Bruce Spruce Ranch near Pagosa Springs, Colorado, Ivy and Ross encountered three elk at dawn. Biggest doggies she’d ever seen. Yes, Ivy, we’re not in Maryland.

Next stop: Durango! Only cloud on our horizon is worrisome news from home regarding Ross’s mom who turned 96 last week, and has taken a turn. Please hold her in your thoughts.
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