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My So-Called Book Tour

Touring Texas

Tom Treanor, Mo O'Connell, and Ross
Thanks to Betty Baer and Fred Krasny for hosting a book event at their home, with lots of cool book-buying people with a range of ideas and questions about their future housing plans. Madeline Appel, representing an emerging Village, Neighbors 4 Neighbors Network, came and shared her group’s progress. Very fun gathering.

From there, we had a few days of R&R, going to Austin and visiting old friends Tom Treanor and Maureen O’Connell and family, Peggy Diehl and partner Bunny, and Abby Lubran, a Maryland friend who just started grad school at UT. On the way we stopped in Lockhart, the Official Barbeque Capital of Texas, for some brisket and ribs. Yum.

After a Labor Day night in the “non-smoking” room of La Quinta in Lubbock, we departed, reeking of tobacco, and headed for Albuquerque.
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