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My So-Called Book Tour

First Event of The Tour-Chapin, South Carolina

The Clubhouse greeted me with this sign.
My dear friend since third grade (that’s 54 years, but who’s counting), Marcia Heath Blakewood and a new friend Dale Smith, an inspiring elder who is in my book, hosted a lovely afternoon book event at Timberlake Country Club in Chapin, South Carolina. The Columbia, SC newspaper, The State, had given the event great coverage, plugging it three days in a row. Thanks, news media!

Several people who came were leaning towards moving to traditional retirement communities. Others were hoping to build on the already-strong network of support here that would allow them to stay rooted at beautiful Lake Murray. One transplanted Northerner said she was glad she had moved to the South, where you could count on an outpouring of food, if you ever hit on hard times!

Thanks to all for making it a memorable first event.

Now on to Livingston, Texas, to visit Escapees CARE, a supportive community for aging RVers.
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