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My So-Called Book Tour

Seattle Slew

September 26, 2014

Tags: Terry Tazioli, Well Read, Providence Mount St. Vincent, Molly Swain

Terry Tazioli, host of Well Read television show, interviewed me in Seattle.
In the Seattle area I had back-to-back-to-back events, thanks to my energetic compatriot Charlene Boyd. Charlene, a hero of my last book Old Age in a New Age, organized 3 book events for me. She and her husband Steve Smith even provided us with home hospitality—truly above and beyond. Ivy was delighted to meet their dog Rebel, who immediately became her fast friend.

On Sunday, the biggest crowd of the book tour to date—75—gathered at a downtown church to see local public television host Terry Tazioli interview me. Terry has a book show Well Read and he was an engaging and fun interviewer. He had just returned from Europe and shared a story of being in a small village and watching each morning as the town elders emerged and went to the local café. How can we have that kind of community and connection, he asked.

That was one of many challenging questions that emerged from him and from the audience. Has anyone created an intentional community based on environmental and social justice? Is the Village model financially sustainable? How do we change the culture of aging in our country? Yikes! I’m only a lowly writer. But I gave it my best shot. Special shout-out to Molly Swain of Providence Mount St. Vincent, who pulled all this together and organized book sales.


Bittersweet last stop of the road trip, we were with my sis and bro-in-law.

Bonnie Kantor-Burman, director of the Ohio Dept. of Aging, was on air with me.

The show on WOSU was live-streamed--Ross took this image on the screen in the studio lobby.

Illinois landscape, on the way to Columbus

Subtext Books--Bruce and Michael in background, with some of Bruce's family

Reading from my book at Subtext Books in St. Paul

Barbara Goldner of Mill City Commons, a Minneapolis Village model

Riding the ferry to Vashon.

Ross enjoyed a night out with Steve Smith--sampling Pacific oysters and wild salmon. Yum.

Wendy Lustbader and I leaving Vashon for Seattle.

Charlene Boyd of Providence Mount St. Vincent and I aboard the ferry to Vashon Island.

Seattle street scene

Derenda Schubert, director of Bridge Meadows

A home in Bridge Meadows.

Sign on old grain elevator in Carlton that will soon be repurposed.

The lovely Ula and Ingrid Lustig

Wonderful to see old Maryland friends Paul and Merry Treanor in Santa Cruz. And notice the line of book buyers! An author's dream.

No surprise: Santa Cruz folks were open to alternative ways to grow old.

Best part of L.A. visit: spending time with our great-nephew Callan and his parents, Christiana and Matt.

Cynthia Friedlob interviewing me for pre-recorded radio show.

Ivy was somewhat mystified by Patrick and Eileen's French bull dogs. Here's Juno.

Former neighbors Patrick and Eileen offered warm hospitality in Phoenix.

Ruins of an Anasazi community in Canyon de Chelly

Bruce Spruce Ranch, home sweet home for a couple of nights

The Pecos River adjoining our campsite

Ivy pretending to be a water dog in the Pecos River

The view from Bonnie's threshold

Birds of a Feather founder Bonnie McGowan

Grabbed a cafe con leche after the radio interview in Albuquerque.

Chiropractic sign off Route 66 in Albuquerque

Ivy won over Molly, who a few minutes earlier was terrified of dogs.

Bunny and Peggy with granddaughter Violet hamming it up.

My old friend Peggy Diehl

One of the most unusual ways to age in community.

Dale Smith, co-host of the Timberlake Event, whose reflections on aging in place are in my book.

Marcia introducing me at the Timberlake Country Club event.

Ivy ready to co-pilot the great adventure

Ivy says no way we're leaving her behind.