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My So-Called Book Tour

Senior Arts Colony in North Hollywood

Being interviewed for Experience Talks, to be aired on KPFK on Sept. 27. Assistant producer John Semper, Jr. in background
L.A.'s Great Big Freeway was all that, but Ross successfully chauffered me to North Hollywood to the NoHo Senior Arts Colony. What a cool place that is. Imagine if you feel like going to a play and all you had to do was walk downstairs and settle into a theater with your  Read More 
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Come Along for the Ride

Photo by Michele McDonald
Welcome to my So-Called Book Tour, a blog that will share the trials, tribulations, and most important, the stories of folks I encounter along the way as I promote my new book, With a Little Help from Our Friends—Creating Community as We Grow Older.

Over the years, as I’ve worked on my  Read More 
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